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Visual web-sites bookmarks «Zakladki» - is the most comfortable and simple service for web-sites storage which does not need instalation of any additional programs or plugins. «Zakladki» will give you an opportunity to add web-sites quickly, sort them into the groups and subgroups. Thus you will be able to make your own library of web-sites, which is accessable from any browser on any device. Also visual bookmarks servise is flexible in order to harmonize the interface for matching your mood.
Visual bookmarks for sites to Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Yandex

Cross-browser compatibility

«Zakladki» - is an exellent service of visual bookmarks for Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Yandex and other popular browsers. Using any browser at home, at work, at your friend's place you have an access to your visual bookmarks. Using your smartphone, you also have an access to your visual bookmarks «Zakladki» on Android, Windows Phone and iOS.
Visual bookmarks of sites - Site Protection Pin

Secure Site pin code

Service «Zakladki» provides the ability to protect any site your library PIN code. If your bookmarks are publicly available at home or at work and you have bookmarked personal resources, they can protect their PIN code. After that, move on them, will be carried out only after entering a PIN code.

Визуальные закладки без установки дополнений
Saving visual bookmarks without having to install additional software and plug-ins
Визуальные закладки для всех браузеров
Access to visual bookmarks from any browser
Сохранение визуальных закладок после переустановки
Access to visual bookmarks you reinstall the operating system
Удобное использование визуальных закладок
Convenient and simple addition and save visual bookmarks
Неограниченное коичество визуальных закладок
Unlimited number of visual bookmarks
Визуальные закладки с настриваемым интерфейсом
Easy and flexible configuration interface


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